Accounting for fees

Payments taken via sales channels will download into Brightpearl directly from the sales channel without having any communication with the payment processor.

Because Brightpearl only receives basic information from the channel, it will mark sales orders as paid and create the accounting for the payment in full without accounting for any fees deducted.

You will need to manually account for your payment processing fees in Brightpearl.

Accounting for fees

The best way to record fees is by manually entering a single bank payment, which will debit your fees account code and credit the bank account associated with the payment method.

paypal fee adjustment

How to enter payment provider fees

  1. Go to Accounting > Expenses/Bank payment.
  2. Set the bank account to be the bank account associated with the payment processor.
  3. Set the account (nominal) code to be the relevant fees code.
  4. Set the date to post the entry to.
  5. Enter any relevant details relating to the fees.
  6. Set the appropriate tax code
  7. Enter the fee amount
  8. Click "Enter payment"

The journal will immediately update the relevant accounts.

Learn more about bank payments here.

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