Downloading Orders (eBay)

Orders placed after you authorize your eBay account through the integration will download into Brightpearl.

When will eBay orders download?

eBay alerts your Brightpearl account when a new order is taken, this triggers Brightpearl to download the order straight away, so new orders will automatically download in near real time.

A download can also be manually triggered from the recent sales list in Brightpearl.

Your Brightpearl account will also do an automatic download twice a day.

How far back will it check for new orders?

Only orders placed since the integration activation date can be downloaded. De-activating then re-activating, or re-authorizing the integration will reset the activation date.

Each order download will check for new orders placed within the last 7 days (but not prior to the activation date). This means an eBay order can be deleted in Brightpearl and re-downloaded as long as it is within the 7 day download period.

"Commit to buy" or "Buy now"

An order is created in Brightpearl at the point the eBay buyer clicks "Commit to buy" (using the "Buy it now option). This is the case even if the customer pays for the items together. When this occurs the payment will not be auto-allocated to the individual orders in Brightpearl - it will need to be done manually. Note that is is not possible to manually merge these orders in Brightpearl as the connection to eBay will be broken. If this happens the items will need to be manually updated as shipped in eBay.

Shopping basket/cart

A single order is created for all items when an eBay buyer places items into their basket/cart and uses the checkout. In this case all items are contained in a single order and the single payment can be automatically allocated in Brightpearl.

Order updates

If the customer makes any changes to their delivery address or shipping method (and perhaps the resulting shipping charge), after they have committed to buying the item those changes will be downloaded into Brightpearl and will update the existing order.

If the order has already been shipped in Brightpearl the changes will be made to the order and an integration alert created.

It is advised that eBay orders are not marked as invoiced until they are completed (shipped and paid) since this locks the order to further updates. If the order has been invoiced in Brightpearl when order updates are made in eBay then it will not be possible to update the shipping charge. Note that if the customer has chosen a shipping method with a difference price the amount they pay will also not match the order in Brightpearl.

If your customer contacts you to advise that they have ordered the wrong item (ie incorrect colour, size); and the order has already downloaded to Brightpearl, then you have a couple of options to handle this in Brightpearl:

  • You can edit the order in Brightpearl directly, and we will still handle shipping updates to eBay based on the order reference number. However, eBay would continue to show the first item ordered as you cannot update eBay orders in the same way.
  • If you would prefer eBay to be updated to show the correct item ordered, then best practice is to cancel the order in eBay, refund your customer and sell the correct item to the buyer. You will also need to raise a Sales Credit in Brightpearl for the refunded item.


Match existing contacts

When an order downloads from eBay it will search for an existing contact using the customer email address.

If an existing customer record is found the order will be created against that record. If any details of the customer have changed, such as address, they will be seen on the new order but will not update the contact record.

Create new contacts

If no contact is matched in Brightpearl a new customer record is created and the order will be created against this record.

New contacts are created using the eBay buyer first and last name. The eBay customer username wil be recorded in the aliases section of their contact record.

Products & inventory

Connected products

Where the eBay listing is connected to a product in Brightpearl that item will be added to the downloaded order. If inventory is available for that item then it will be allocated to the order.

Unconnected products

If the eBay listing is not connected to a product in Brightpearl then a miscellaneous and non-stock tracked line item is added using the item name from eBay.

Miscellaneous items cannot be marked as shipped and therefore will not update eBay with shipping details. If a product record does exist that item can be swapped onto the order instead and the order processed as normal - all shipping updates will be sent to eBay.


Where an eBay listing is connect to a Brightpearl bundle, all the items within the bundle are added to the sales order and the available inventory allocated.

Prices & tax

All item prices and tax values are provided by eBay during the order download to ensure the order in Brightpearl matches what the customer agreed to pay.

Brightpearl will use the integration tax rules to calculate which tax code to apply.

Shipping charges & tax

A shipping charge is added as a line item on the order.

If tax should be calculated for shipping charges ensure that this is selected on the eBay account setup in Brightpearl - go to Settings > Brightpearl Apps > eBay to edit account settings. When activated the company default tax code will always be applied.

If tax is not charged on shipping the Not Rated tax code will always be assigned.

Shipping method

Each order in Brightpearl can be assigned a shipping method, which can be used for filtering the sales list. If a shipping method exists in Brightpearl with a name matching the shipping method in eBay then it will be automatically assigned to downloaded orders.

Payments & PayPal

An eBay order will be marked as paid when eBay indicate it is paid via PayPal. Although the payment provider is PayPal, the payment is read from eBay, like all other sales channels that connect to Brightpearl.

eBay order customer reference

Downloaded eBay orders will display the order reference in the Customer ref field of the Brightpearl order. Note that the customer reference displayed in Brightpearl is the listing ID followed by the eBay order reference.

order ref

Order comments

Order comments added during checkout will not be download with the order into Brightpearl.

You can edit the order in Brightpearl directly, and we will still handle shipping updates to eBay based on the order reference. However, eBay will continue to show the first item ordered as you cannot update eBay orders in this way

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How to activate / deactivate order sync for eBay

  1. Go to Channels > eBay > Settings .
  2. Select to activate or deactviate the account.
    activate deactivate ebay account
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