Listing : variants with eBay

A variant is a product which comes with different choices, or options, such as colors or sizes. Brightpearl handles variants using product groups, where all the different choices of that product have an individual product record using the same name, each is then assign option values and a unique SKU. By having the same name they are automatically placed into a product group which can be managed as one. There is no parent product.

eBay also supports listings of variant products, so a single listing can contain all the different options of the product. This is restricted to only some categories, such as sizes and colors for apparel. A variant listing means your products on eBay are all children of a generic parent listing. People buying on eBay will be able to select which variant they want from a drop-down.

Connecting Brightpearl eBay 1a Variant

Listing variants

It is possible to create a variant listing from Brightpearl where the eBay category allows it. The variants must exist as a product group where each product has been assigned options and option values.

Each different variant in the eBay listing is connected to the relevant product in Brightpearl for managing inventory and prices.

If additional variants are added to a group at a later date/time they can easily be added to an the existing listing.

Variation mapping

When an eBay category which supports variants is selected within the listing profile you will be given the opportunity to create variation mapping. This allows Brightpearl options and option values to be mapped to an eBay recommended variation detail or to use a custom name when creating the listing. If no variation mapping is defined against the listing profile the eBay listing variation details will default to the name of the Brightpearl product option and option values.

eBay variation mapping

One product option can be selected in the “Show variation” field - this option will be used for choosing when to show different images for each option. For example when listing T-shirts which come in different sizes and colors it would be preferable to have an image for each different color rather than per size, so “color” is selected.

Why use eBay recommended values?

The recommended options values provided by eBay enable customers to browse and filter the results using the drill-down menu on the left-hand side of the website. For example:

eBay search drill down

Availability of variants

When listing variants at least one of them must have an on-hand quantity. If any items in the group are not currently available the following warning will be displayed:

eBay variant no stock warning

Once the listing is live the other variants will automatically be added to the listing if and when they become available (requires auto-relist to be activated).

As long as at one of the variants has an on-hand quantity at any point in time, the listing will remain active for the full duration set for the listing (e.g. 30 days).

Limit availability

Note that the limit stock level option is not applicable for variant listings.

Out of stock variants

When a variant goes out of stock it will show as out of stock on eBay. When it comes back into stock it will become available on the listing once again.

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