Gravatar allows those who are signed up for it to show their picture / avatar on a variety of sites. In Brightpearl, these avatars can be shown against your contact records or against your staff records on helpdesk tickets.


Please note that your Gravatar will also be used outside of Brightpearl. The Gravatar  website details other sites that link with them.

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How to sign up for Gravatar

  1. Go to the Gravatar  website
  2. Click Create Your Own Gravatar

gravatar sign up

    3. If you haven't already, you'll need to sign up for Gravatar with or log into your existing account


How to upload your photo to Gravatar

  1. Within the My Gravatars menu, select an existing image or click add a new image
  2. Choose where to pull your picture from
  3. Browse for your file > Click Next
  4. Crop your image > Click Crop and Finish!
  5. Choose a rating for your Gravatar

You now have a Gravatar that can be displayed against your helpdesk tickets in Brightpearl!

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