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You will likely want to use your own email application (e.g. Gmail, Outlook) for day-to-day inbox management and emails. Brightpearl Mail Store (formerly called "Dropbox") allows you to get a copy of these emails in Brightpearl, so that you and other staff can see the whole communication history when you need to make a call or follow-up.

Using a special email address generated by Mail Store, Brightpearl will automatically attach incoming and outgoing emails to the relevant contacts in your Brightpearl account.

Your Brightpearl account has an email address in the format: for European customers for North American customers

Find your Mail Store email address at Settings > Brightpearl Apps > Brightpearl Mail Store.

It's easy to integrate your email with Brightpearl.

Sending outgoing emails

Brightpearl checks the Mail Store email account every five minutes. If you're sending an email to a client or customer from software outside Brightpearl, copying the Mail Store email address in to the email (using either CC or BCC) will attach the email to the timeline of the contact in Brightpearl whose email address matches the recipient's email.

If you forget to copy to your Mail Store Address, just forward the email to the Mail Store address. Don't add any text, and don't change the subject. Brightpearl will extract the original sender and recipients as long as you're using standard email software.

Many email programs can be configured to CC or BCC your Mail Store address automatically.

Note: Mail Store will not create contacts in Brightpearl - it will only add correspondence to existing contacts.

Incoming emails

You can set up your email system so to ensure every incoming email is delivered to you as well as being delivered automatically to your Mail Store address. If you're using Gmail, then see below for instructions.

If you can't get your incoming emails copied to your Mail Store, then you can forward the relevant ones as they arrive.

Brightpearl will try to clean out any "quoted text" to prevent an email containing content that's already been added to the trail.

Ensure that email replies are inserted into the "Reply" section to correctly add correspondence into Brightpearl.

How to set up automatic forwarding to Mail Store for Gmail

  1. In Brightpearl, create a customer record with the Mail Store address as their email address. This contact will receive the Google verification code that you will need to complete the email forwarding setup in Gmail. They can be deleted later.
  2. In Gmail, click on the cog wheel in the top right of your screen and select Settings.
  3. Go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  4. Click Add a forwarding address.
  5. Enter your Mail Store address found in Settings > Brightpearl Apps > Brightpearl Mail Store.
  6. Click Next > Proceed.
  7. Select the option for "Forward a copy of incoming mail to"; and choose the Mail Store email from the dropdown.

    gmail autoforward

  8. Click Save changes.
  9. In Brightpearl, view the timeline for the contact created in step one. You should be able to see the verification email.
  10. Go back to Gmail and verify the forwarding address.

Showing emails on a contact timeline

Mail Store is an email address that you send emails to in order for them to be captured and included on a contact, quote, sale or project timeline.

Your Mail Store email address is found at Settings > Brightpearl Apps > Brightpearl Mail Store.

Viewing the emails

Emails to or from an contact will appear in that contact's timeline.

Search for and open the contact record, then select the Timeline tab. Brightpearl will display all emails where any of the contact's three email addresses appears in the recipient list on that email.

This means that if a customer has more than one email address, you can still see all the emails in the same timeline as their sales, notes, tickets and accounting information.

Emails to contacts not in Brightpearl

Say someone has just sent you an email but they're not in your CRM. If you add them shortly after they send the email, you can still see the email in the timeline, even though their email address wasn't in Brightpearl when the email was delivered.

Every email that finds a matching email address in Brightpearl is stored permanently, but Mail Store also keeps up to 100 emails that haven't got a matching email address in case you want to add the contact after the email arrives.

Frequently asked questions

Why are my emails not showing on the contact timeline?

Brightpearl ignores all emails sent between staff members. These emails are not relevant to a "customer relationship" and will use up your available data unnecessarily. So if you send a test to your Mail Store from your own email and don't CC a client or supplier, it won't show.

Why are no emails showing on the company timeline?

When you view a company timeline (search and open the contact, then click the company name), it shows activity across all the company contacts (colleagues). This view excludes emails, so that it does not become swamped with too much information.

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