Notes on contact records

Brightpearl will add some notes automatically; for example when an invoice is sent by email to a contact, a note will be added to the contact's notes trail. Waiting for payment is an example of a bad note; the information is stored elsewhere in the system, and another note will need to be manually added when payment is made to prevent misunderstandings. “Customer visited office to talk about progress. See minutes file” would be an example of a good note. Notes are automatically tagged with the current date and the administrator name.

Using QuickNotes

Wherever you see a box for entering notes in Brightpearl, you'll see a drop-down menu underneath it which allows you to have some "canned response" notes for quickly dropping in, saving time. Using QuickNotes is a great way to speed up your day-to-day work flows.

Editing notes

If you have added a note to a contact's record, you will also be able to delete it. Locate the note in the contact's Timeline and click the Delete link. This can't be undone, so once it's gone it's gone!

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