Contact Search Mode

You will most likely be searching for contacts on a daily or at least weekly basis, which is why we have added the options to "tailor" contact search to suit your needs.

Search Options

You can control how contact searches are carried out to make them more general (loose) or closely matched to speed up the retrieval of results.

You can change your search settings at  Settings > Contacts > Search options :

  • Contacts Search Mode  - Select Match All to search and display results which include the search term somewhere within the name, select Match Complete for faster and more relevant results.
  • Settings for "match" complete"  - Select Loose to match any search terms or Strict to match all search terms.

Choosing Your Search Mode

You can change the way that the contact search works at  Settings > Contacts > Search options . This setting is for the whole company.

Match All

This mode checks for a match or partial match within a certain set of fields:

Firstname, Lastname, Company, Postcode, First line of address, Customer code

... so searching for "ward" will match "James Ward", "The Warden Centre" or "Flying Towards Bob". This can be slow on larger databases, and for databases over about 20,000 contacts can return more results than you might want.

Match Complete

This search is a little stricter, and returns results by relevance, using the same fields as above. Searching for "Ward" would return "James Ward" and "The Warden Centre", but not "Flying Towards Bob".

If you're using Match complete then you can choose whether the search is Strict (matches all your terms, i.e. typing "James Ward" will only bring back contacts containing "James" AND "Ward"), or Loose: return contacts containing "James" OR "Ward".

Searching for contacts by email

If you enter an email address in the search box, then email address 1, 2 and 3 will be searched for an exact match. This overrides the above search methods.

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