Downloading Orders (BigCommerce)

Once the order download is activated, orders received through your BigCommerce store will automatically download into your Brightpearl account where they can be passed through the shipping process.

Brightpearl will ask for new orders every 10 minutes, checking the previous 24 hours for any orders that have not yet been downloaded.

New orders will be created on the order status chosen in the ecommerce connector.

Note:  Testing order downloads - Orders placed through BigCommerce using the same email address as a Brightpearl staff member will not download. Ensure you use a different email address for testing.

Activating / deactivating order downloads

The order download is activated and deactivated from with the ecommerce connector for each Bigcommerce account you have connected.

Existing orders

On activating order downloads only new orders received within the previous 24 hours can be downloaded.

Customers & accounts

If a new email address is found on the order, a customer will be created in Brightpearl, regardless of whether they chose “guest” or “account” during checkout. Email address 2 and email address 3 in Brightpearl are not checked when searching for existing customers to assign the order to. The customer’s choice of “receive email newsletters” is maintained into the Brightpearl contact record.

Customers are not tagged, and not assigned a lead source, so if you want to see which sales channel a customer first arrived from, you could use a price list. The contact will be assigned the price list set for the sales channel.

Product & inventory allocation

Where a Brightpearl product with a matching SKU exists it will be assigned to the order and any available inventory will be automatically allocated. The change in the on-hand inventory level is updated across all your integrated sales channels.

If no matching SKU can be found a miscellaneous line item is added using the product details from BigCommerce. This is a non-stock tracked line item which will not update any inventory and cannot be shipped. It is fine to manually swap and change these items for products - the shipping update will be sent to BigCommerce once the order has been marked as fully shipped in Brightpearl (but will not assign the tracking reference).

For each order inventory can only be allocated from a single warehouse, but multiple goods-out notes can be created to ship items from different warehouses using advanced fulfillment.

Each line item is assigned a nominal code. This is retrieved from the matching product record, and where no match was found the default is applied. For shipping and discount lines the default codes are assigned, these are defined at Settings > Company > Accounting: Nominals .

Customized products

Our integration fully supports customizable products, adding any engravings or custom fields to the order in Brightpearl.

BC Order download Engraving message

Shipping method

Shipping methods must be defined within BigCommerce to be used on sales. Shipping charges will download as additional line items.

If a shipping method of the same name exists in Brightpearl it will be assigned to the order in the “Shipping Method” field. This allows sales to be filtered by shipping method to prioritize and batch fulfill orders. The goods-out note will inherit the order shipping method unless specified otherwise.

Coupons & discounts

Coupons will be added to the order as a line item with a negative price. The coupon code will be added into the line item description so you can search for orders that contain the coupon. Brightpearl coupons are used only for Brightpearl Point of Sale and don’t synchronize with your ecommerce store.

Additional delivery information (order comments)

If a customer adds a message to their order during checkout, this will be added in Brightpearl as an order note. At the moment, there is no way to pass this note through to the carrier system or print it on templates, but we are working on a solution for that.

BC Downloading orders Comments

Gift messages

If the order contains gift wrapping, a line item will be added to the order to record an item as requiring gift wrap. If there’s a charge for gift wrapping, that charge will be added to the gift wrapping line. If there’s also a gift wrapping message, it will be shown on the line item.

Nominal codes

When products are added to orders as part of an order download, the product’s nominal code will be used. For shipping line items, your company default shipping nominal code will be used. For discounts and coupons, the company default discount nominal code will be used. This lets you see how coupons and discounts are affecting your profitability across each sales channel. Handy.

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