Troubleshooting Amazon

Why hasn’t the order downloaded yet?

Amazon holds the order in a “pending” status whilst they authorize the customer’s payment method. This is roughly 30 minutes, during which time the customer is able to cancel their order. After this time has elapsed the order is assigned a status of “Ready”. Brightpearl only tries to download orders in the “Ready” status.

Brightpearl will check for orders every 5 minutes and ask Amazon to authorize the download.

Why is the Amazon order status not updating to “shipped”?

When a goods-out note in Brightpearl is shipped, or the purchase invoice received on a drop ship PO, the sales order shipping status will be updated. This status change is sent to Amazon to update the Amazon order status to “Shipped”. Amazon requires a shipping method as part of the message from Brightpearl; if you have no shipping methods setup in Brightpearl the message to Amazon will be incomplete and consequently will fail to update the status.

Where can I see the customer’s gift message?

Gift messages will download into a custom field on the order. This custom field must be created in Brightpearl and selected on the Amazon marketplace setup prior to the order downloading. It must be created as a "sales" custom field of type "text area" in order for it be used for gift messages.

I am waiting for some of the items to come into stock. Can I send the ones I do have?

Yes, you can part ship the order using Advanced Fulfillment. When the other items arrive into stock you can use Advanced Fulfillment to ship the remaining items. The customer will be notified of the dispatched items when they are actually shipped.

What happens if I delete a product which is connected to a listing?

Brightpearl products can only be deleted if they have no associated financial activity. So if any inventory has been added (even if it has now been removed) it cannot be deleted. If the product can be deleted, any connect listing is automatically unlinked.

Will updating a connected product in Brightpearl effect the connection to Amazon?

No, the connection to Amazon will not be affected. The product and listing will remain connected, even if the SKUs no longer match.

Should my Amazon price list be net or gross?

Brightpearl will always add tax onto the price sent to Amazon. In the UK it is important to synchronize a price list set to gross for international pricing. 

Can I download past payment reports now I'm getting the report in XML format?

Unfortunately Amazon will not provide copy payments reports to allow Brightpearl to download past payment details. If the original report is not supplied in XML you will need to manually mark the orders as paid within Brightpearl. Make sure when doing this that you make an adjusting entry for fees, this is more easily done by doing a single lump sum journal.

My inventory levels are not in sync, why not? And how can I correct this?

If your inventory levels are out of sync it is possible that either inventory syncing is not active, or that the quantity was changed in Amazon and no update since then has been sent from Brightpearl.

You can trigger an update for a single product by making the on hand level change - most easily done by allocating the item on a sales order as this can easily be reversed with no effects recorded in accounting.

A full inventory update can be triggered by deactivating and reactivating the inventory sync from within the Amazon marketplace settings in Brightpearl. Go to Channel > Amazon > Settings .

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