Refunds & Returns (Amazon)

Refunds and returns for both Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) and Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM) sales are handled in the same way with Brightpearl.

All order returns and refunds need to be processed in both Brightpearl and Amazon. Processing the return in Amazon is required to ensure the customer is informed and refunded their money. A sales credit must be entered in Brightpearl to  ensure that your records are updated for the refund and returned stock, as well as your sales reporting and accounting.

Refunds made in Amazon will not download and will need to be manually entered against the sales credit.

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How to clone a sales order to a sales credit

  1. Search for and open the original sales order containing the items to be credited or returned. Alternatively, a credit can be started from Sales > New Credit .
  2. Select the lines that are being credited, or returned. Note that quantities can be edited directly on the credit later.
  3. Click the Clone to Sales Credit button just above the line items.

How to edit a journal

  1. Search for the journal. If you know the journal ID go to Accounting > Corrections.
  2. Enter a reason for the modification. This is useful if you need to investigate the changes in the future.
  3. Make the necessary amendments to the references, nominal codes, values and tax codes. For example, to dettach a payment from an invoice, remove the invoice references.
  4. Click the Save button.

A change history is displayed within the journal record so if required you can reverse the changes by re-entering the details.

Note : A VAT reconciled or Bank reconciled journal cannot be edited unless you unreconcile it first.

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    Chris Klein

    Could you explain in a bit more detail why the info about editing the journals is there? Do we have to manually edit the journals that record the Amazon fees?

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    Ashley Colvin

    After cloning to a sales credit do you also press the "credit" button? And what about the "refund" button where you choose the bank account? 

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