Cancelling Orders (Amazon)

Amazon orders may be cancelled at the following times:

  • When the order is still Pending - this is within the first 30 minutes of the order being placed. In this case the order is never confirmed in Amazon and it will not download into Brightpearl.
  • When the order is Ready - after Amazon have authorized the customer's payment card the order will be marked as ready and it will download into Brightpearl. By this stage you may have started to process the order. If a customer wishes to cancel the order at this stage they will need to request it from you. If you choose to allow the cancellation you will need to cancel the order in Brightpearl and in Amazon. Cancel the order in Brightpearl by placing it on your "cancelled" order status

If the order has already been marked as shipped you will need to follow the refunds & returns process for Amazon

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