Cancelling Amazon orders

Amazon orders can be cancelled before fulfillment at two different points - when the order is still in a pending state, and once it's been moved into a "ready" state for processing.

Cancelling pending orders

When an order is first placed on Amazon, it is kept in a "pending" state for at least 30 minutes while Amazon performs checks. Brightpearl allows you to download these pending orders in order to reserve inventory. Learn more about pending orders here.

It is possible for the customer to cancel the order during this window.

If you have the "Download pending orders" functionality enabled:

  • The order created against the pending contact will remain assigned to the pending contact
  • The products will be unallocated
  • The order will be moved into the system's "Cancelled" status

If you have the "Download pending orders" functionality disabled, then the order will not download into Brightpearl at all.

Cancelling ready orders

Once Amazon authorizes the payment, it will be transferred into a state where it's ready to be processed. At this stage, the customer can request a cancellation or the merchant can cancel the order.

If you choose to allow the cancellation, you must cancel the order in both Brightpearl and in Amazon - cancelling the order in Amazon won't update Brightpearl.

The order must be unshipped, uninvoiced and unpaid in order to be cancelled.

If the order has already been marked as shipped you will need to follow the refunds and returns process for Amazon instead.

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