Invoicing (Amazon)

Every order in Brightpearl needs to be invoiced, including those downloaded from Amazon, even though the invoice might not need to be sent to the customer.

Invoicing must be done in order to create the necessary accounting for sales, tax and to balance against the payment from the customer. It can be done one order at a time or in batches from the recent sales list.

If there’s a billing email address on the order or you received the non-amazon email address for your customer on another order - you can manually enter their email in the Invoice pop up screen.

The template used and the email address from which it is sent is defined by your channel brand is Brightpearl.

Invoicing the order in Brightpearl doesn’t make any changes to your Amazon account.

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How to invoice an order

  1. Search for and open the sales order.
  2. Click the Invoice button.

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