Analysis codes and reporting using projects

You will find the project field on almost every record in Brightpearl, from orders to accounting.

The field name and contents are completely customizable, making it a very useful tool for reporting.


Setting up projects as a reporting tool

How to rename Projects

  1. Go to Settings > Projects > Projects settings and enter your name for "project". It can be changed at any time.
  2. Save your changes.

rename projects

How to add a project

  1. Go to Projects in the menu bar (if you've renamed it then you'll see your personalized menu name).
  2. Select Add project.
  3. Enter a title. This will be the name you see in the dropdown menu throughout Brightpearl.
  4. Save your changes.

Projects on orders

Projects are a useful tool for reporting on sales and purchases.

Brightpearl already provides channels, lead sources and many other methods of grouping orders for reporting, but if there is something else you want to report on then projects is the field to use. You'll be able to filter all the orders lists, sales and purchases reports by project.

Projects in accounting

Projects in accounting are a useful tool for profit analysis.

Brightpearl will automatically create accounting journals with the relevant project assigned to the profit and loss / income statement account codes, along with the channel and lead source if relevant. This allows the profit and loss / income statement report to be filtered by your own reporting groups.

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