General ledger report

The general ledger report displays all accounting transactions. By default the report displays the most recent journal at the top, so you can easily see any entries made by your last action. There a many filters to help you locate specific entries and column headers can be used to re-sort the results.

Filters & searching

The filters can be used to help you locate the accounting entries you are looking for. To search for a specific journal enter an invoice reference or order ID, then narrow down results to specific types of journal (e.g. SI for sales invoices). If you want to answer a question, for example, how much sales revenue came through eBay last month, enter your date range, filter to your sales channel and sales nominal class, scroll to the bottom of the page to see the total. Note that totals are per page and not for all results retrieved, you can try changing the number of results displayed per page to 500 (max) or where you have more than 500 results you can export all the results to Excel.

Filters can also be applied by clicking on contacts, invoice references, nominal codes and tax codes displayed within the results. Each page has a total at the bottom (page total only), if you want to include more results you can increase the displayed results up to 500 using the filters. The Accounting quick search also allows you to search your general ledger, including by amount.

The Quick Search box can be used to search accounting. Enter an invoice reference, order ID, amount to search the general ledger for matching results.

Searching by journal ID

The Quick Search and filters won't currently search by journal ID. If you know the journal ID you need to view you can go via Accounting > Correction , enter the journal ID to view or edit the journal.


You can export this report to Excel or PDF, just in case you want to use this information to audit your incoming stock.

Note  - if you see 1-many in the top right of this report, then you have too many results to display on one page.                                                                                                         many export

If you click this hyperlink, you will see the figure change to show you have many results you have; and thus, how many results can be exported.                                                      many export

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