Corrections report

The corrections report lists all the accounting journals which have been amended or cancelled. It can be found under Reports > Accounts > Corrections.


This report is useful for monitoring unusual journal corrections. It lists the journal ID, the date the correction was performed, who performed the correction, and details about the journal - the type, contact it's associated with, associated order ID and invoice reference. 

Each journal also displays the reason for modification that was entered at the time the journal was edited

Tip: Remember every accounting journal retains a change history, so it can be reinstated if the changes were made in error.

When not to cancel or edit a journal

Editing or cancelling accounting journals will only affect your financial reporting, such as the General Ledger, the Balance Sheet, the Profit and Loss/Income Statement, as well as the financial details for customers and suppliers.

Editing or cancelling accounting journals will not update orders or inventory. Any corrections to any of the following should be made via the inventory or order records:

  • SI: Sales invoice (relating to an order)
  • SC: Sales credit (relating to a sales credit)
  • SR: Sales receipt (relating to an order or credit)
  • GO: Goods-out (relating to a sales order)
  • SG: Goods-in (relating to an order return)
  • PI: Purchase invoice (relating to an order
  • PC: Purchase credit (relating to a return order)
  • PP: Purchase payment (relating to an order or return)
  • PG: Goods-in (relating to a purchase order)
  • IA: Stock correction (relating to adding/removing or changing stock value)
  • LC: Landed costs

If changes are made to these types of accounting journals the accounting will not report the same figures as the inventory and orders areas of Brightpearl.

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