PayPal log

The PayPal log is available with the PayPal app. The PayPal log works like a bank feed, displaying all transactions that have passed through your PayPal account. You are able to select individual transactions to create the accounting in Brightpearl, in addition, individual transactions can be connected to sales orders to mark them as paid.

If you are using integrated sales channels, PayPal payments made via those channels will be handled by the sales channel integration and should not be processed via the PayPal log since this will cause duplication.

PayPal as a bank feed

Your PayPal account can be integrated directly with Brightpearl so that you can download and view your PayPal transactions on the PayPal log.

This integration allows you to generate accounting entries directly from the downloaded transactions and to allocate payments to sales orders. However, if you are using integrated sales channels, PayPal payments made via those channels will be handled by the sales channel integration and should not be processed in this way.

To find out more about handling payments from sales channels please refer to the relevant sales channel section of the support documentation.

It is not possible to create new PayPal transactions from within Brightpearl using this integration, only to create the accounting in Brightpearl. However, Brightpearl also offers PayPal as a payment method for use on the web portal.

Downloading PayPal transactions

Transactions will only download when the sync is manually activated from the PayPal log.

When the integration is first activated the last 3 months of transactions will be downloaded. From then on each sync will check for new transactions within the last 30 days. No transaction will download more than once.

Using the PayPal log

The PayPal log is where all the transactions can be viewed and selected for processing, which will create the accounting.

Access the PayPal log via Accounting > List bank accounts.

screen shot

It is important that transactions relating to downloaded sales orders via integrated sales channels are not processed since this will duplicate the payment and accounting created by the sales channel integration.

For any other transaction not already created in Brightpearl, the PayPal log can be a useful way of generating the accounting entries. Select the items and click the Create accounting button.

How to create accounting from the PayPal log

Note : This process should not be used for transactions relating to payments received via integrated sales channels. This will duplicate payments.

  1. Go to your PayPal log via Accounts > List bank accounts.
  2. Select the transaction(s) that need to be posted to accounts.
  3. Click the Create accounting transactions button.

    paypal create

How to allocate a PayPal payment to an order/invoice

  1. Go to Accounting > List bank accounts > View PayPal log.
  2. Find the PayPal transaction on the PayPal log; use the filters to search by customer email or amount.
  3. Highlight and copy the PayPal TXN ID.
  4. Search for and open the sales order/invoice.
  5. Click the Allocate PayPal transaction  button at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Paste in the TXN ID and click Allocate.

    paypal allocate

This will simultaneously mark the order as paid, reduce the customer account balance and create the necessary accounting (SR journal). Any related fees will not automatically be created; these accounting transactions can be created from the PayPal log.

How to correct mismatched PayPal transactions (detaching)

  1. Go to your PayPal log, via Accounting > List bank accounts.
  2. Search for and select the checkbox next the transaction that has been created / matched to an order by mistake.
  3. Click the Detach from accounts button. This unlinks the accounting from the transaction.
  4. Copy the PayPal transaction ID and paste it into the QuickSearch box, select Accounting in the drop-down and then click Go to find the original accounting journal entered.
  5. Click the journal ID to view/edit. You need to cancel this journal.
  6. Enter a reason for modification then click the Cancel button.

The PayPal transaction can now be processed again, as required.

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