Features approaching end-of-life

As of May 2014, the Brightpearl API is no longer in beta. We have tried as far as possible to avoid removing features that developers might be relying on, but we need to phase out or change the following features:

There are two different authentication mechanisms depending on whether you are building a private app or a app for distribution on the Brightpearl app store .

The legacy authentication mechanism will be disabled and removed permanently late 2015.

API version number in URIs

It was our original intention that the Brightpearl API be given its own version number, independent of the version of Brightpearl you were connecting to.  An artifact of this early design can be seen in the API URIs which require you to include the unchanging 2.0.0 in your URIs. As you can see in our URI syntax documentation , 2.0.0 has been replaced with public-api.

Requests with 2.0.0 in the URI will stop working (DATE TBD).

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