Types of app

When creating an app you will need to specify the type of app. Instance, staff and system apps use different methods of authentication so it’s important to understand and choose the correct one.

When adding an app within the Developer Website you will see there are 3 types of app options - System app, Staff app or Instance app. Always select Instance app since the other two options have certain API limiting and are being deprecated. 


Instance apps

Instance apps use the OAuth mechanism for authentication. When a user installs the app, an Auth token is given to the application to make subsequent API calls. 

If the app needs to be able to perform reads and writes into Brightpearl as a given user (rather than anonymous), an instance app can have multiple instances, each of which is authenticated by a different user.

Public apps

A public app is one available in the app store. Learn more about getting an app into the App Store.

Private apps

Private apps are not available in the app store. These apps are simply left at the alpha status which allows them to be installed on select Brightpearl accounts via the Developer panel.


The ability to add private apps within a Brightpearl account is legacy functionality and no longer used now that we have introduced Oauth2.0.

Always create "Instance" type apps via the Developer panel.


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