Creating a private app

If you are a Brightpearl account owner who wants to create an app solely for your own company’s use, or have hired a developer to do so on your behalf, then you can create it as a private app. This will not appear in the App Store, and your developer won’t have to register with us. You will need to decide whether the app should be a system app, or a staff app - please read about the types of app and discuss with your developer before following the instructions below on how to set it up.

Getting started with a private app

Only a user with "settings" permissions enabled can create authentication codes for a private app.

A private app is added directly within the Brightpearl account.

How to create a private app

To create a private app you will need user login permissions for "Settings".

  1. Log in to your Brightpearl account.
  2. Click on  App Store  at the top of the screen.
    Private app 1
  3. Click  Private Apps  towards the top right of the page.
    Private app 2
  4. Click  Add private app .
    Private app 3
  5. In the pop-up window enter the following:
    Reference  - enter a reference for your app which may only contain lower case letters, numbers or the hyphen character. Note that the accountId_ prefix cannot be removed.
    Name  - give your app a name.
    Type  - Select whether you are creating a staff or system app.
    Private app 4
  6. Click to save your app.
  7. You will be returned to to the private apps page. Make a note of the ‘Token’ for your new app which you will need when authenticating with the Brightpearl API.  Make sure you keep this token secure as you would a password.
    Private app 5
  8. If you have created a Staff app you will need to authorise access to a particular user in order to authenticate on behalf of that user.
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