Creating a public app for the App Store

Apps in the App Store are available to all Brightpearl accounts.

To make an app available on the App Store it must be built by a registered Brightpearl developer.

It is the responsibility of the developer of the app to manage and support customers using the app.

Learn more about becoming a registered Brightpearl developer here

App release process

create app

The first stage of creating a new public app is to add the details of your app within your Brightpearl developer account.

Your app will pass through three stages of review with Brightpearl before it is approved and added to the App Store for customers to begin using. You can, however, allow selected customers to begin using your app once it is beta so that they can trial it for you before final release.

How to add a new public app

  1. Log into your developer account at
  2. Click the Add app button.

add new public app

  1. Complete the form with the details of your app.
  2. Choose Instance app (the others will be deprecated soon)
  3. Select the payment type. This will add the relevant detail to the app in the app store so that customers know how to purchase your app.
  4. Specify whether your app is restricted to certain countries. Learn more about country restrictions
  5. Upload the app logo - this will be displayed in the App Store.
  6. Enter your URLs. These become the links on your app in the App Store and enable customers to get the help they need.
  7. Save the app.
  8. Once the app is saved you will see the menu and status box on the right-hand side where you are able to specify which Brightpearl accounts can use the app whilst in development.

app status

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