Real-time accounting with Brightpearl

Make smarter, faster and more informed financial decisions accounting software from Brightpearl.

Brightpearl also has a fully integrated accounting module. This means that as you’re running your business, we’re entering accounting journals automatically for you. When you receive payment for an order we’ll post a sales receipt, as you pay for a purchase order we’ll post a purchase payment. This hugely reduces the amount of admin that you’ll need to do to keep your accounts up to date, meaning that you can focus your time on what you love doing.

Try it out

1. Review the Accounts Receivable/Aged Debtors report at  Customers > Accounts Receivable/Aged Debtors.

2. Access the Profit & Loss report/Income Statement at Reports > Accounting > Profit & Loss/Income Statement.

3. Watch our Introduction to Brightpearl Accounting video.

We also have a whole suite of features such as the ability to customize your chart of accounts, manage expenses or generating statements. You can find more information on these features within our Accounting Help Guides.

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