Exploring the Brightpearl CRM

Get to know your customers and how to keep them happy

Brightpearl is at the heart of your business and your sales channels, and as such we have some great customer relationship management (CRM) features to manage all your contacts in one place.

Customers can be found, updated or created via Customers > List all customers. This gives you a full list of all of your contacts, which you can filter and favourite to meet your needs. The best thing about selecting a customer or a supplier is that you land on their timeline. A timeline provides you with a complete history of that contact, since they found their way to your Brightpearl account. We store all orders, correspondence and details here, meaning that you can quickly catch up on your contacts activity at a glance, without having to dig out old emails - very important for excelling at customer service!

Try it out

1. Create a new customer at Customers > New Customer.

2. Review the Sales Analysis by Customer report at Reports > Sales by Customer.

3. Watch our Creating & Editing Customers & Suppliers video.

To find out more about managing your contacts with Brightpearl, such as assigning them to a member of staff, grouping them by tags or scheduling the next call, visit our Contacts & CRM Help Guides .

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