Exploring Brightpearl orders

Grow through efficient, optimized order management

The sales list (Sales > Recent sales) displays all orders coming in from your sales channels. They’re all in one place ready to be processed, which means you no longer need to log in to 3 or 4 separate back-end systems to fulfil your orders, you will:

  • Save time
  • Prevent errors
  • Ensure consistency
  • Improve your customer experience

Brightpearl also records the sales channel from which the order was received, this is important for determining profitability per channel but also for determining the branding and design of documentation sent to those customers.

Processing orders can be done in batches  - using the filters you can find and prioritise orders however you need to. Fulfilling orders creates goods-out notes, which you can Print, Pick, Pack and Ship out the door. You can do all of these steps, or skip straight to shipping, it all depends on what you need to do. We can even link up to fulfilment software, streamlining your processes even further. As you ship, Brightpearl will keep your stock, orders and sales channels updated automatically.

Try it out

1. Create a new order at Sales > New Quote.

2. Review the Sales Detail report at Reports > Sales Detail.

3. Watch our Overview of Sales Channels & Channel Brands video.

For more information on shipping goods-out notes from Brightpearl, visit our Sales Help Guides.

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