4.92 Release notes

This month we’ve been prioritizing behind-the-scenes changes to improve the stability and performance of Brightpearl. That said, we have made some additional changes to some features that make things easier. We’ve also updated our data mapping which might require you to make a quick update to your settings.

Order season column added to sales detail report

Order season can now be added as a column to the sales detail report, through the Configure Columns option in the Filter settings.


Add the column and run the filter to view the new column. Exports will include this new column too.


Order season is recorded at the time the order was placed, so if the product subsequently changes season, we can still attribute the order to the season it was sold in.

Use payment method for order imports

Because of the changes we've made to payment methods in 4.90, if you have been importing orders using PaymentAccount column, you now need to use PaymentMethod column.

To make this change, you need to navigate to Settings >> Data / Import >> Import orders, open any affected data maps and re-save.


Add delivery date to the inventory lookup pop-up - Allocations tab

We have added a delivery date column to the inventory modal.  This helps you to manage and prioritize your stock allocations for a product without having to click into individual orders.


Change the tax date on a sales order before re-invoicing

If you have un-invoiced a sales order, Brightpearl now allows you to change the tax date before re-invoicing.

Improvements to Amazon order reconciliations

Introducing the principle of order payments meant that reconciling your accounts required more clicks. We made several improvements to how Amazon orders are reconciled to reduce this impact, including:

  • You can now filter the bank reconciliation screen by Amazon settlement Order ID, so the transactions in the report from Brightpearl can easily be matched to the Amazon settlement report and you can be confident that accounting entries are correct for the period if the totals match
  • The Brightpearl Order Reference is now included in the Amazon fee journal entry so bookkeepers know the correct values have been posted in Brightpearl Accounting
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