Troubleshooting & FAQs for Brightpearl Magento extensions

When attempting to authenticate an account or access Interaction > Log I receive an error: ‘There has been an error processing your request Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons…’

This indicates the installation of the Flint Interactions module failed part way through. In this scenarios a manual intervention is needed in order to fix the issue, doing this on a live website is quite risky so make sure they understand the risk and have backups. This is what they have to do, delete the tables that the module managed to install: flint_interactions* then delete the module from the core resources table. Then reinstall Flint_interactions module.

EXECUTION DENIED (probably due to configuration)

If this error is displayed when attempting to run an interaction is is likely that the interaction is not active in the extension configuration. In Magento, go to Interactions > Brightpearl > Configuration and check that the relevant interaction is set as active.

Internal error when authenticating

This is often to do with SSL not being set up but settings still pointing to https links.  We use the site defaults for the callback URL.  You can manually remove the https from the link when first hitting the Brightperl login screen on authentication, change https to http and then carriage return to load the amended link.  

This should then authenticate correctly.

Scheduled tasks are not working/not getting a success/fail email

This is likely due to one of the following:

  1. The Interaction isn’t enabled
  2. The Cron on the interaction isn’t filled (so not scheduled) or is incorrect
  3. A not fully installed extension. The extension needs FULLY Uninstalled, and then re-installed. See below.
  4. Cron on the server itself is not working. The extension uses the standard Magento cronometer and assumes this is working correctly.

Installation fails part way through

This can lead to corrupted files and database entries.  This means that reinstalling is not enough as it will not overwrite existing files that appear to be there.  In this case it is important to fully remove all files and db entries.  PROCEED WITH CAUTION - EXPERTS ONLY.

Following installation expected menus do not show

Is the installation disabled? Have all files been transferred into the route folder?

Shipping update not working

Make sure the interaction activate shipping notification updates has been run to register for the webhooks

This is usually caused to us being blocked by their firewall - they need to whitelist our IP address in their /etc/hosts file, ensure our IPs aren’t being forwarded, and add us to their .htaaccess file and ensure we’re not blacklisted (in the case of a nginx server, or if we’re blacklisted on the apache server).

The IP addresses to whitelist are:,,,,,,,,

No apparent response to API requests leads to timeouts

If their server isn’t importing to ours, check authorization (maybe try re-authorizing) and if still an issue, maybe Brightpearl is down?

Session setting (302 Error)

With some stores we’ve seen that we sometimes receive a 200 response, but sometimes receive a 302 moved response from the store, this causes a disconnection between Brightpearl and the Magento store. After eliminating whitelisting our IP addresses we’ve found this to be down to session fixation validation. This is due to us using a proxy setup and it trying to validate, and bouncing between both servers (invalidating the session). The link below has more information on this, we’ve found turning these settings off fixes the issue.

Unable to authenticate

Sometimes when authenticating accounts that have been cloned the app appears to be installed but is not enabled.  To correct this, go the the app store in Brightpearl, turn off 'New Magento (beta)' and then switch it on again.

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