Import prices

From version 1.2 of the extension, pricing can be managed by Brightpearl. This includes the product attribute prices, price per store view, prices per customer group as well as tiered pricing. In addition you can map custom attributes to Brightpearl price lists to be used for special pricing.

Customer groups

Customer groups are used to display different pricing to your online customers depending on who they are. To use customer groups your customers will need to log into the website to see their own pricing. This is often useful for using a single website for both B2C and B2B sales.

Brightpearl price lists can be connected to your customer groups to allow you to manage all your different pricing from Brightpearl.

Tiered pricing

Tiered pricing allows you to create different pricing depending on how many items someone purchases. In Brightpearl this is done using price breaks. If you have price breaks on your price list in Brightpearl they will be uploaded as tier prices.

Pricing per website

Brightpearl price lists can be mapped to each Magento store view for even more control over your online pricing.

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