Magento export order status interaction

Magento and Brightpearl order statuses are mapped so that orders are created on the correct status and the Brightpearl order status is updated by changes made in Magento.

Changes to the order status made in Brightpearl will be reflected in Magento when the order status import interaction is enabled.

Order status in Brightpearl:

In Brightpearl you can find the order statuses in Settings > Sales statuses.


Order Status mapping in Magento:

In Magento you can find the mappings within Brightpearl > Configuration > Shared : Order and payment settings.


From here you can map your Magento statuses to your Brightpearl statuses. This is useful so that when order is sent to Brightpearl you can give it a status based on it's current state in Magento. If the status in Magento changes for whatever reason that can also be sent to Brightpearl.

Note: If your Magento order has a status that is not mapped then it will not download into Brightpearl so please ensure that you make sure you map all of the statuses you care about.

If you specify a Default status then this will be used for any orders that do not have a mapped status. However please be aware that this includes ALL other Magento statuses (including some that you may not want to download into Brightpearl such as Cancelled orders or older historic complete orders).

For this reason we would usually recommend that you map your statuses individually and only include a default status if you're happy for all of your orders to be exported to Brightpearl regardless.

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