Preparing products for your Magento integrations

Brightpearl and Magento products will connect by automatically matching up SKU-to-SKU so it is important that your products exist in both systems with the same SKUs.

In this guide we explain how to get all your products into both systems, how to manage bundles, variants or configurable products when using the Brightpearl Magento extension.

Getting products into both systems

Your products will need to exist in both systems. When adding new products you may choose to create them manually in each system, or you can create them in Magento and then use the Export SKUs interaction to see in the Brightpearl product list which products exist in Brightpearl but not Magento.

Setting up bundles

Both Magento and Brightpearl offer support for bundles of products, but when using the extension you will need to choose whether to manage them in one system or the other. Although it is perfectly fine to create Brightpearl bundles and Magento bundles and use them independently within each system, they cannot be directly linked because both systems will apply the components to the order causing duplicated items.

Here are the two methods of managing bundles and the pros and cons of each.

Bundles in Magento

In this case all the individual items are created as products in both Brightpearl and in Magento. A bundle product is then also created in Magento so that those items can be sold altogether on the website. It is also fine to create the same bundle in Brightpearl - but this must not be connected to the Magento bundle


  • The features of a Magento bundle can be used, such as giving the customer the choice of the components they want. But this can be achieved using other methods when you’re using the extension.


  • Brightpearl won’t directly control the availability of the bundle, only the simple products in the bundle. Magento will calculate the availability using the components.

Bundles in Brightpearl

In this case the Brightpearl bundle is connected to a simple product in Magento, which represents the bundle.


  • Brightpearl can directly control the availability of the bundle on Magento.
  • When the order is created in Brightpearl you will see the bundle and all the components so you can choose what you see on the goods-out note printed from Brightpearl - the bundle only, or the components too.


  • Your existing Magento bundles will need to be replaced with simple products.
  • You won’t be able to use any of the Magento bundle features. However, the often other solutions to achieving what you need. Please contact us.

Setting up configurable products

Variants of a product in Brightpearl will be connected to simple products in Magento. A configurable product (parent) is used to group those items into a single listing on your Magento site. Brightpearl has no such parent product, so the configurable product is not directly connected to Brightpearl, only the individual simple products.

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