Overview of Brightpearl Magento extensions

The Brightpearl Magento extensions enable your Magento account to connect to your Brightpearl account, which brings together the strengths of a Magento’s website with Brightpearl’s customer, order, inventory and accounts management.

We have extensions available now for both Magento 1 and Magento 2. These are made up of two extensions:

  • Interactions is the foundation of our extension that creates a new communication mechanism between Brightpearl and Magento optimised for site performance.
  • Brightpearl adds the Brightpearl specific features and interactions listed below.

What does it do?

  • Inventory levels in Magento can be managed by Brightpearl, providing a central control of stock availability across all your sales channels
  • Prices managed in Brightpearl can update product prices on Magento - by website and by customer group including using tiered pricing
  • Orders placed through Magento are exported and created in Brightpearl where they are processed through pick, pack, ship
  • Order status changes made in Magento can be reflected in Brightpearl as per configured mappings
  • Payments processed for orders in Magento, via gateways or using gift cards, are exported and sent to Brightpearl to mark orders as paid and create the accounting
  • Shipments created in Brightpearl are imported into Magento to update the orders with shipping dates, shipping method and tracking reference
  • New customers are created in Brightpearl where they can be managed for marketing campaigns
  • A list of Product SKUs in Magento can be exported to be transferred to Brightpearl giving you visibility of which products are listed on Magento from the Brightpearl product list. 

Other highlights:

  • Gift messages left at a product or order level in Magento can be downloaded into a mapped custom field on the order in Brightpearl
  • Product custom options defined in Magento, sometimes used recording things such as engraving messages, will be transferred to Brightpearl with the order line item
  • Magento discounts & promotions will be reflected on the order in Brightpearl, including the coupon code.
  • Report on orders in Brightpearl from multiple Magento accounts, by website, store or & store view
  • Handle orders and payments in multiple currencies
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