Product Types

Product types can be used to assist in managing the options (e.g color, size, etc) used for creating variants.

When a large number of different options are required across a system of products, product types can be used to:

  • Prevent incorrect options from being assigned to products
  • Make the list of available options shorter and more manageable when creating variants

Only the options assigned to the product type assigned to a product can be used to create variants.

An example of product types is men's, women's and children's clothing where all the products in those categories come in different sizes and colors. However, the men's sizes do not apply to women's clothing or children's clothing and vice versa, but color applies to all the categories. To ensure that only men's sizes are assigned to men's clothing, product types can be used.



This video shows:

  1. How to create product types, and what they are used for
  2. How product types affect the creation of product variants
  3. How to update your products to set a product type
  4. How to report on sales by product type
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