Product types

Product types are a product attribute which can be used to assist in managing the options (e.g color, size, etc) used for creating variants.

When a large number of different options are required across a system of products, product types can be used to:

  • Prevent incorrect options from being assigned to products
  • Make the list of available options shorter and more manageable when creating variants

Only the options selected against the product type assigned to a product can be used to create variants.

An example of product types is men's, women's and children's clothing where all the products in those categories come in different sizes and colors. The men's sizes do not apply to women's clothing or children's clothing and vice versa, but color applies to all the categories. To ensure that only men's sizes are assigned to men's clothing, product types can be used:


Adding product types

To add a product type, go to Settings > Products/Inventory > Product types and click 'Add product type'. You will be given a modal window that allows you to name the product type and assign the relevant options:


Note: Once a product type has been created, it will have to be edited to be assigned new option values.

Assigning product types to products

New products will always be assigned the default product type upon creation. The default product type can be set under Settings > Products/Inventory > Inventory settings, under the 'Default product type' field:


Product types can be assigned to product records individually, by entering the product and updating the product type field, or in bulk using the product list.

To assign product types in bulk, go to Products > List products/services. Select the products whose type needs to be assigned, and select 'Set product type' from the batch update menu.


Product types cannot currently be set using an import.

Deleting product types

A product type can only be deleted if it is not assigned to any products.

To delete a product type, go to Settings > Products/Inventory > Product types, and click the delete icon next to the relevant product type: mceclip0.png

Reporting using product type

Product type is available as a filter on any report containing product filters, such as Sales detail and Sales by channel. There is also a dedicated Sales by product type report, found under Reports > Sales by product type.

This report follows the same format as other sales analysis reports, using product type as the variable to report on.

Read more about sales analysis reports.


This video describes:

  1. How to create product types, and what they are used for
  2. How product types affect the creation of product variants
  3. How to update your products to set a product type
  4. How to report on sales by product type
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