Product Custom Fields

Product custom fields allow you to extend the information you store on a Brightpearl product or service beyond the core fields provided.

Custom fields can be:

  • Freeform text
  • Numeric only
  • Select list
  • Text area
  • Yes/no
  • Date

Here's what they look like on the product screen. You can organize your custom fields into tabs.


Fields can be configured as "required" which means you'll need to enter values for them when you create or update products in the Brightpearl interface.

Configure custom fields at Settings > Custom fields > Products.

Where you can use product custom fields

Custom fields are useful for adding extra segmentation to your product database, since they can be used as filters on the product list.

  • They can be added as columns on most product-centric reports (such as the Sales Detail).
  • They can also be added to Order and Goods Out Note templates.
    See how to add product custom fields to templates in this help center article.
  • All custom field data is available read-only via the API.

Video of product custom fields

Learn all you need to know about product custom fields in Brightpearl. How to set up custom fields to use on products; how to filter by custom field, and how to add custom fields to your templates.

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