Assigning vendors (suppliers) to products

Setting a vendor (supplier) on a product is needed in order to :

  • Create purchase orders using the low inventory report.
  • Create drop-ship purchase orders.
  • Create back-to-back (just in time) purchase orders from the sales list.
  • Add items to purchase orders manually, if the "limit product selection to assigned items only" setting is enabled.

Link products to vendors one by one

Go to Products > List products / services and click into the desired product. Click on the "Vendors" ("Suppliers") tab to assign vendors to a product. Select multiple vendors by holding the Ctrl or Cmd key.

supplier list

Link products to vendors in bulk

You can also use the product list to batch assign vendors to products. Select your items and from the batch actions choose to "Set vendor (supplier)".


On the modal, you can choose which vendor to assign to the product, whether to remove the vendors already assigned to the product and whether to set a primary vendor against the product.

You can assign vendors to products using a spreadsheet too.

Learn more about updating products using a spreadsheet.

Automatically link vendors to products using price list data

On the price list configuration page (Products > Price lists), clicking the orange/grey icon will:

  1. Identify all vendors (suppliers) which have been assigned this price list
  2. Identify all products which have a non-zero price on this list
  3. Assign the vendors to the products

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Vendor prices

If you are going to be using the linked vendor for drop-shipping, then the product will need to have a non-zero price on the supplier's price list.

Learn more about drop-shipping.


Learn why you might want to assign vendors (suppliers) to products, and how to do so, using the product edit screen, the product list, or by importing a spreadsheet in Brightpearl.


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