Customer and supplier custom fields

If you need to add extra information into contact records, use custom fields.

You can have separate custom fields for suppliers and customers. Custom fields can be grouped into tabs within the contact record for easier management (in the screenshot below the tab is "Examples"). 


You can use custom fields as filters on the customer / supplier lists:


And also on any document template that uses a customer or supplier (such as an invoice, delivery note, purchase order etc):


How to create customer or supplier custom fields

  1. Go to Settings > Custom fields and choose Customer or Supplier.
  2. Click to create a field, and fill out the form. You can add fields into existing tabs, or create a new one at this point. Every field needs to be within a tab for display purposes.

Custom fields are given codes, eg _PCF_MEM01_ which are used on document templates.

For customer custom fields, you can choose whether the field is available for customers to view and update on the customer web portal. 

Customer fields can be added to Smartforms (lead capture forms).


Customer custom fields can be updated using an automation action, via the Automation app:




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