Customer grouping and segmentation

Brightpearl has a number of fields available for grouping and reporting on your customers. You may find that you use a combination of these to achieve different results.



This is not configurable, and is used for filtering the contact list only. There is no equivalent on sales or purchase orders.

Price list


Two separate groups of price lists are available; 'cost' price lists for vendors and 'sell' price lists for customers. Into these groups, you can add as many price lists as you like.

Sales order and purchase order price lists inherit from the customer/supplier on the order, so price list is also useful for reporting on products bought and sold. Price list is a filter available on most relevant reports.

If a customer group has a fixed discount across all prices (say you give a "student discount" of 10%) then don't create a new price list; set the students to your retail price list and set their discount (on the contact record) at 10%.

For more information on price lists, read this help article.

Contact tags


Contact tags can be set for both customers and suppliers; the same set of tags is available for both types of contact. A contact can have multiple tags.

Sales orders and purchase orders are not tagged, but the Sales list and "Sales by ..." reports can be filtered by customer tag.

Tags are used to synchronize your contact database with external systems such as Mailchimp.

Contact tags can be set in bulk from a number of reports, to allow you to tag all customers who bought a certain product, for example:

  1. On the sales detail report, search for the products you want to report on.
  2. Choose the rows you want to include.
  3. Click the Add Tag button from the options at the top of the report table.
  4. Choose your tag and submit.

All the customers who bought the chosen products will now be tagged.

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