BigCommerce Customers

Customer records are required for every order in Brightpearl. They hold important information for orders, such as delivery name and address, billing name and address, currencies, tax codes and discounts.

New customers

When an order downloads from BigCommerce the customer details are provided with it so that a record can be created for them. BigCommerce provides the following information:

  • Customer name
  • Customer email address
  • Delivery name and address
  • Telephone number
  • Add to mailing list yes/no

The customer will automatically be assigned to the price list selected on the BigCommerce store setup in Brightpearl.

Existing customers

If the customer has previously purchased from you via BigCommerce and a record already exists, whether downloaded or manually entered, the order will be matched with this record as long as the email address is the same.

If the email addresses have been changed the record will not be identified so a new contact is created.

Customers buying on multiple stores

A customer could potentially purchase from you via any one of your BigCommerce stores, or other sales channels. If they use the same email address each time only one customer record will exist for them in Brightpearl. Each time an order downloads the same customer record will be picked up. Each order will indicate which sales channel it came through, therefore you'll be able to see if a single customer purchases through different BigCommerce stores or channels.

Merging duplicated customers

As long as a customer is using the same email address their orders will be assigned to the same customer record. If you discover duplicated customer records which you'd like to merge in one, perhaps where a customer record was manually added, they can be merged. Merging will keep only one of the record and delete the other, all the information will be transferred into the retained record adding additional email addresses to email 2 and 3 fields. BigCommerce can only match orders to customers by email address field 1 so as long as the BigCommerce customer email is in that field orders will continue to be matched with the customer. If not, a new customer record will be created the next time an order downloads.

Note that only Amazon will check email address fields 2 or 3.

Updating / changing customer details

If the customer updates their details on BigCommerce the customer record in Brightpearl will not be updated.

As long as a customer has not changed their email address orders will continue to be matched with the same customer record, and any changes to names and billing or delivery details will be visible on the order.

If a customer changes their email address a new customer record will be created the next time an order is downloaded, since records are matched only be email address.

If the customer BigCommerce email address is changed or removed from the Brightpearl record it will no longer be possible for the integration to match the record with a new order. Therefore a new customer record will be created when an order is received.

Communicating with customers

Bigcommerce automatically send emails for various events, such as:

Order confirmation
Sent to the customer when they place an order
Shipping confirmation
Sent to the customer when the order status is updated to "Shipped" or "Partially shipped"
Other status changes
Sent to the customer when their order is updated to other statuses such as "Awaiting payment", "Awaiting fulfilment", "Awaiting shipment", "Canceled", "Refunded".
Create customer account
Sent to the customer when they register for an account for your store
Password reset
Sent to the customer when they forgot their password to their account

Any communications sent via BigCommerce will not download to Brightpearl.

It is also possible to send emails to customers through Brightpearl, when packing a goods-out note for example, but if BigCommerce is already notifying the customer of shipping you may not want to send an email from Brightpearl. Any communications sent via Brightpearl will not update BigCommerce.


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