Help with CSV files

Creating CSV files for importing to Brightpearl

Some processes in Brightpearl require you to import a CSV file. This is a "Comma Separated Values" text file, which can be made using any spreadsheet program, or even a text editor like Notepad if you really need to. The commas define the columns, so the following CSV would be a 2 row, 3 column spreadsheet if opened in Excel:

Item name,Item SKU,Item Quantity

RFG Speaker System,RFGS004456,10

Files can be stored as a CSV by selecting this format when saving.

How to convert a file to CSV on a PC

  1. Open your spreadsheet file (typically a ".xls" file) in your spreadsheet program (e.g. Excel).
  2. Go to File > Save as .
  3. Choose the type as a CSV.
    save as CSV
  4. If given options to configure the format of the output file, use:


    Character set
    Unicode (UTF-8)
    Field delimiter
    Text delimiter
  5. Click save and check the newly created file has a ".csv" extension. If you are using windows you may have to enable the display of 'file extensions for known file types'.

You can then import this file into Brightpearl.

How to convert a file to CSV on a MAC

Macs produce CSV files in several different formats, non of which currently import successfully to Brightpearl.

In order to import your files all you need to do is upload it to GoogleDocs then download it again. This will give the file all the necessary hidden data required by Brightpearl to read it when it is imported.

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