4.76 - Changes to eBay payment download

The upgrade of your account to Brightpearl version 4.76 introduces some changes to the way we download payments for eBay orders.

What's changed?

Previously all eBay orders were downloaded as unpaid, relying on you connecting up PayPal directly to Brightpearl and then manually sync'ing to see which orders were paid and ready to ship.

With version 4.76 payments will no longer be downloaded from PayPal and will be taken directly from eBay as part of the order download.

Why has this been done?

  • Reliability
    The PayPal sync could be slow when downloading large amounts of data and could time out without retrieving the payments.
  • Consistency
    PayPal payments from all other sales channels are processed by the sales channel integration.
  • Data integrity
    Foreign currency payments were not converted and caused incorrect payment amounts and accounting.
  • Flexibility
    Only a single PayPal bank account could be chosen for the PayPal sync. Now a bank account can be chosen per eBay account.

When will payments download?

The payment download is no longer a separate sync from PayPal, so they will automatically download along with orders. You can also manually trigger a download from the recent sales list, just as you would for orders.

If the order is paid upfront in eBay, it will download and be marked as paid in Brightpearl - all in one go. If an order downloads as unpaid (committed sales) and then the buyer checks out and pays via PayPal, we will download the payment and mark the existing order as paid - as long as the item has not been merged into a combined eBay order.

You have an option to download only paid orders. Turn on this option within the eBay channel settings at Channels > eBay > Settings. Leaving this option unchecked will mean no changes to the way the eBay order download currently works, which is downloading orders as soon as the customer commits to buy an item, even if they have't yet paid. 

Will orders downloaded before this get marked as paid?

Yes, like the order download we're able to go back 7 days and download the payments for any unpaid orders in Brightpearl which were downloaded before the upgrade to version 4.76.

Which bank account will the payments be posted to?

Previously payments were downloaded and posted into the account (nominal) code chosen within the PayPal settings. This was a single code used for all eBay accounts. Now that the payment is downloaded from eBay the bank account is set on the eBay channel. As part of the upgrade we will automatically set your existing PayPal code into this field so you won't notice any change unless you manually change it. Plus, now that it is a code set against the eBay channel you can choose a different bank account for each one.

We’re also putting the PayPal transaction ID into the payment journal and order notes, just like it did before, so that you can easily do your bank reconciliation for PayPal. Although we will no longer get the PayPal email address for this detail we will put the eBay buyer email address.

Will any features be lost?

In order to provide you with the benefits of taking the payment from eBay instead of PayPal, there are some changes to the functionality. Some of you requested these as changes, but for those of you who want to achieve the same functionality there are ways for you to do this.

Customer names

All eBay customers are created using their eBay username - since eBay do not disclose the actual customer name for the billing details. Previously this information was then retrieved from PayPal with the payment and used to update the customer record in Brightpearl. We know some of you would prefer to keep the eBay username, but for those of you wish to continue to update those customer names, it is possible to export this information from PayPal using their transaction download . Once you have this file you can use the customer import to update your customers in Brightpearl . It is fine to update customer names since order downloads always match by email address.

Accounting for PayPal fees

Now that the payment downloads from eBay, like all our other sales channels, any PayPal fees will not be automatically accounted for. If you are using the accounting module, this means that a manual adjustment for PayPal fees needs to be entered If you are using our other sales channels you are probably already doing this, so now you will just need to include the fees for eBay sales too. If you do not currently do this you will need to check your PayPal account to see how much PayPal charged in fees and then enter a manual journal to reduce the bank account and increase your PayPal fees expense account. You can do this as frequently as you like, such as weekly or monthly.

What about eBay orders using different payment methods?

There is no change to which orders will be marked as paid. Just like downloading the payments from PayPal, only payments for eBay orders with the payment method of PayPal will be downloaded. Orders with other payment methods will download as unpaid - you will need to manually mark them as paid once you have received the payment from the customer.

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