4.90 - EPOS payment report - what you need to know

This is a notification of changes to the EPOS payment report. It is important that you are aware of these changes if you are using Brightpearl EPOS if you handle any of the following, or similar scenarios:

  • Order raised on one till/store but paid on another
  • Order raised in Brightpearl back office but paid via an EPOS till
  • Order raised in EPOS but paid in back office
  • Order raised online but paid in EPOS

What's changing

Currently, the EPOS payment report reads the sales receipt accounting journals with the EPOS channel assigned in order to generate a payment report per till. This means that the report will display all payments taken via that till, regardless of where the order was created.

In version 4.90 we are introducing some changes to the way orders are marked as paid as well as when channels are assigned to accounting journals. These two areas of change mean that the payment report will no longer provide the data in the same way. The EPOS payment report will now display all payments for the orders created on the till, whether the payment was taken on that till or not. If you operate with any of the scenarios mentioned above, or similar scenarios where the order and payment are taken in different places, cashing up at the end of the day will require a replacement report taken from back office.

Replacement report

In order to get the end of day payment report you need for cashing up a till you will need:

  • A bank account code set per till - if you don't already use an account code per EPOS till you will need to add them as bank accounts and then select them on the EPOS channels.

To get your payment report:

  1. Log into back office.
  2. Go to Reports > General Ledger .
  3. Filter by:
    • Journal type = SR
    • Nominal code = the till bank account code
    • Date = today (or reconciliation period)
  4. Filter the general ledger to view all payments taken via that till.
  5. Use this report to cash up the till.
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