Custom Fields

Custom fields can be added to product, customer, supplier, sales and purchase order records. They allow additional information to be recorded which can then be used for reference, searching and reporting.

Types of custom field

Custom fields can be of the following types:

  1. Freeform text 
    Any text up to 64 characters.
  2. Numeric only
    Brightpearl will make sure that the value entered is numbers not letters.
  3. Select list
    You must create a number of options, from which the user will select one.
  4. Text area
    Used for text greater than 64 characters.
  5. Yes/no
    Use this to display a yes/no selection. (When importing, ensure you enter the digit 1 to represent Yes, and the digit 0 to represent No).
  6. Date
    This will display the pop-up calendar from which the date can be selected.

If you set a custom field as "required" then an admin user will not be able to create or edit a record without entering some information in the field.

Searching & reporting by custom fields

Product, customer, vendor (supplier), sales and purchase order listings provide customizable filters when custom fields exist:

field filters

As with any other search filter, you can save the search for later use by adding it to your Favorites . To add a page to your favorites, click the Add to favorites link at the bottom of the screen. Each time the search is performed the results are refreshed with up-to-date data.

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How to create a custom field

Custom fields can be added to:

  • Customers
  • Vendors (suppliers)
  • Product
  • Sales
  • Purchases

When creating custom fields they are added into customizable tabs, allowing them to be grouped into separate tabs instead of creating a great long list, this is an example on a customer record:

custom fields

Add a Custom Tab

Each product record is made up of a selection of tabs, and each tab contains various fields. You can add you own customised tabs; useful for grouping large amounts of extra custom fields:

  1. Go to  Settings > Custom fields > Products .
  2. Click the  Add a field  button.
  3. Enter a name for your tab in the  new tab  field.
  4. Click  Save  and close the window.
  5. Refresh the screen to see your tab.

Your tab will be added but it will contain no data.

Add a Custom Field

Add a new field into one of your custom tabs:

  1. Go to  Settings > Custom fields > Products .
  2. Click the  Add a field  button.
  3. Enter a name for your field.
  4. Select the tab you want to add the field into or you can add a new tab by entering a new tab name.
  5. Specify whether this field is required. If you set it as required you will not be able to save the record, after adding or editing it, without completing the field.
  6. (Contacts only) Specify whether this field can be edited on the web portal. This will allow registered users to edit the data themselves.
  7. Click  Save  to add the field to the tab.

Your field will now be displayed in the record, ready for you to begin collecting data.

Select List Options

If you selected to create a select list field you will need to define the list items. Once you have added the custom field as above:

  1. Click the  Edit options  link next to the field type.
  2. Click the  Add a value  button.
  3. Enter the list value.
  4. Click  Save .
  5. Add more items as required.
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