Channel brands and sales channels

A sales channel is an avenue through which sales orders are generated. It represents the origin of a sale - for example, your website, POS system or an online marketplace. 

A channel brand is a company brand applied across a particular sales channel (or channels). For example, branding may be a trading name, logo or design.

Having channel brands enables a single Brightpearl account to manage orders across multiple brands.

For each channel brand it possible to define:

  • A company name
  • A company email address
  • The company bank details (for use on templates)
  • A logo for documents and emails
  • Default templates for documents and emails

The branding applied to documents and communications used is controlled by sales channels.

As orders download into Brightpearl, they will automatically be assigned the relevant sales channel. Because channel brands are assigned to sales channels, all documents and communication for the sale will use the relevant branding - documents will use the correct logo and layout, display your correct company address, and emails will come from your correct company email address.


Where no sales channel is associated with an order, the default channel brand will be used.

Creating a channel brand

  1. Go to Settings > Company > Company information
  2. Your default channel brand will be listed. It was created at the same time as your Brightpearl account. To add a new channel brand, click the New channel brand button
  3. Enter the contact information
  4. Select the Logo tab and upload your logo image
  5. Select the Financials tab and enter bank details. These can be displayed on templates using widgets
  6. Select the Templates tab and select which templates should be used for each situation
  7. Click the Create channel branding button

Creating and configuring sales channels

  1. Go to Settings > Company > Channels.
  2. Click to add a channel and select the relevant channel type to create
  3. Enter a name for the channel
  4. Select the channel brand to apply to orders on this channel

How to set a default sales channel

  1. Go to Settings > Sales > Sales settings
  2. Select the default Channel for manual sales
  3. Save

How to make sales channel a required field

  1. Go to Settings > Sales > Sales settings
  2. Set Require a channel when saving sales to Yes
  3. Save

How to show/hide a channel in the channel menu

  1. Go to Settings > Company > Channels
  2. Click Show in menu/Hide in menu against the channel you'd like to show/hide


A logo can be uploaded against a channel brand. By including the logo merge field on templates, the relevant logo for the sales channel will be used every time.

How to optimize your logo

You will need to upload your logo to Brightpearl, so make sure you’ve got it saved to your computer.

When you upload your logo it will be resized to 200px x 120px.

Ensure the logo is saved as file type .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .gif, and that the file name does not contain any spaces.


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