Channel Brands / Company Information

Sales Channel  A method, or avenue, through which you generate sales orders, for example, using a website, EPOS or eBay.

Channel Branding   A company brand applied across a particular sales channel (or channels), for example, a trading name, logo or design.

Channel Branding, closely linked to Sales Channels, is all about catering for all the different faces your company takes. Whether you operate separate trading names, sub-brands or websites, provide drop-shipping on behalf of another company and need to use their branding, or you simply use different document templates for different types of customer, such as retail and wholesale.


Scenario 1:  You drop-ship on behalf of another company who want you to use their logo on the goods-out note.

Scenario 2:  You operate as two separate trading companies and need to have completely separate company details and logo on all the documents.

Scenario 3:  You sell via eBay and would like to include the eBay logo on any documents for those sales.

Scenario 4: You sell to retail on eBay but wholesale on your website. You want to use different document template designs for each.

For each channel brand you are able to define a separate:

  • Company name
  • Company email
    Company bank details (for use on templates)
  • Logo
  • Default templates for documents and emails

You entered your company information during the sign up journey, this becomes your default channel brand and uses the standard Brightpearl templates. If you don't use any other branding you don't need to add any new channel brands, simply upload your logo to the default channel brand created for you.

You can create more channel brands in order to apply different company branding to documents and emails. The branding used is controlled by sales channels. A sales channel will automatically be applied to orders as they flow in from EPOS, eBay or Magento, or can be selected on manually entered or imported orders. To apply your branding you will need to associate the channel brand with the relevant sales channels. Any order received in Brightpearl through that sales channel will automatically use the relevant branding; documents use the correct logo and layout, display your correct company address, and emails will come from your correct company email address. Where no sales channel is associated with an order your default channel brand will be used.

This diagram shows a single Brightpearl account selling via two websites, eBay and EPOS. It has two trading names, Indo Shoes and Indo Kayaks, each with their own logo, company name, address and email. As an order is received via eBay, it is tagged with the "eBay" sales channel. This sales channel is assigned to the channel brand "Indo Kayaks" so the correct templates, logo and company details are selected for any documents produced.

channel branding

Creating a new channel brand

There are several steps you need to take to successfully create a new channel brand as below:

  1. Create your templates
  2. Have your logo ready
  3. Add a Channel Brand
  4. Assign the Channel Brand to your sales channel(s)

Follow the guides below for each step.

How to create your templates

You’ll need to select which templates you want to use when you create the channel brand, so it’s best to have them all prepared, ready and waiting.

We provide you with a number of standard templates to get you started but you can copy, edit and add new ones as you wish. You might need some HTML skills if you want to completely re-jig a template or start from scratch, but the WYSIWYG editor can help you make minor adjustments, including dropping in merge fields, such as company or customer details, your logo or order details.

Find your templates at  Settings > Templates > Document templates .

We recommend naming your templates so that you can easily identify which company brand they are used for. You’ll find this makes it much easier when creating your Channel Brand.

How to optimize your logo

You’ll need to upload your logo to Brightpearl so make sure you’ve got it saved to your computer. When you upload your logo it will be resized to 200 wide x 120px.

How to add a new channel brand

  1. Go to  Settings > Company > Company information .
  2. Your default channel brand will be listed, this was created when you entered your details on signing up. To add a new channel brand click the  New channel brand  button.
  3. Enter the contact information.
  4. Select the logo tab and upload your logo image.
  5. Select the financials tab and enter bank details. You may use these to print on documents.
  6. Select the templates tab and select which templates should be used.
  7. Click the  Create channel branding  button.

How to assign your channel brand to a sales channel

You will need to assign your channel branding to your sales channel(s). The channel branding will only apply to orders on the sales channel(s) using this channel brand. Where channel brands haven't been assigned to sales channels your default channel brand will be used.

  1. Go to  Settings > Company > Channels .
  2. Click to edit the relevant sales channel.
  3. Select the relevant channel branding.
  4. Click  Save .
  5. Do the same for any other sales channels using this branding.

Taking it further...

You can also set specific templates to be used for certain shipping methods, this can be used in conjunction with channel brands.

Let's say you use two different shipping carriers, for example UPS and FedEx. When you send out eBay orders you might use either of these carriers. First of all you want the eBay logo on the goods-out note, and when you use UPS you need a template with a single label on but when you use FedEx you need a template with two labels. Also, when you send out website orders you want your logo on, not eBay, and again for UPS you want a single label but for FedEx you need two labels. Phew! Are you keeping up? Don't worry, I'm putting together some images right now to help!

You want these templates to be used automatically for each scenario depending on whether it's an eBay or website sale and which carrier is used. First of all you need each carrier set up as a shipping method. Then you need to create you templates, you only need two - a single label and a double label. In the templates you need to use the %logo% widget, it will pull through the correct image when the document is created. These templates need to be assigned to your shipping methods, the single label against UPS and the double label against FedEx. For the logos to be pulled through correctly when it's an eBay or website sale you'll need two channel brands with the relevant logo uploaded. You will need to assign the eBay channel branding to your eBay sales channel, and your website channel branding to your website sales channel.

Hey presto! Next time you print a goods-out note for an order from eBay, to be delivered by FedEx it'll print on the double label template and with the eBay logo!

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