User preferences

You can manage personal information using the menu available when you hover over your user name at the top of the screen.


  • My alerts

    This will take you to the integration events log without a sales channel preselected. Note that you can also access these alerts from within the Channels menu.

  • My password

    If you want to change your password you can do it here.

  • My details

    Each Brightpearl user is added as a contact, you can update your details here.

  • My events

    View a list of the tasks created by you or assigned to you by others. Use this as your daily "things to do" list.

  • My notepad

    Use the notepad to jot down anything you want to keep safe online. It's private to your login; handy for capturing stuff you don't have any other place for.

  • My apps

    View a list of your private apps.

  • Background tasks

    View all requests made by this user, such as batch allocation of stock, batch fulfilment or batch order status updates. View the status of each request and any errors encountered.

  • Calendar

    Use the quick links to view your personal Brightpearl calendar by day, week or month view.

  • Enter expenses

    This is where you can enter your personal expense claims.

  • Log out

    Use this to fully log out of Brightpearl and end your session successfully.

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