The concept of teams in Brightpearl allows you to restrict visibility of data to your users depending upon the team, or teams, they are assigned to.

Teams might be used if you have separate groups of people who all need access to view and create data in Brightpearl, but who do not need to see certain categories of contacts, sales or purchases. For example, take sales teams that work in different regions of the country; north, south, east and west. All your contacts and sales are recorded in the one Brightpearl account, but you only want them to see the contacts and sales details relevant to their region. You can create a North Team, South Team, and so on. Once a customer or supplier is assigned to a Team, all sales and purchases raised for them will automatically be tagged to the Team.

You could also use Teams to restrict visibility of personal contact records. Create a Team, add the members you want to be able to view the data and assign the Team to those contacts!

Any of the following records can be assigned to a Team in order to let only team members see it in Brightpearl:

  • Customers and suppliers

    The contact record and any related data is visible only to members of the team.

  • Sales and purchase orders

    (Including backorders) Assign individual orders or batch process to assign multiple orders.

A Team will be able to see records and data, such as contacts, sales and purchases, for anything assigned to the Team or which is not assigned to any Team (unassigned).

Creating teams

To create a Team you must first add and name your Team, and then add staff members to the Team:

How to create a team

  1. Go to Settings > Staff/Users > Teams.
  2. Click the Add team button.
  3. Enter a name for the team and optionally a description.
  4. Click the Save team button.
  5. The team is listed. Click the Manage Users   icon in the Actions column to begin adding staff members.
  6. Select the staff member to add and click the Add button.
  7. Continue to add staff members as required.

Restricting visibility of data to a team

Once your Team is created you can restrict visibility by assigning contacts, sales and purchases to the Team. You can do this on individual records or use batch processing to assign multiple records at once.

You are only able to assign records to a Team if you are a member of that team. If you are a manager who needs to assign records across various Teams you will need to be added as a member of all the Teams.

How to assign a customer/vendor to a team

Within each type of record you will find a field named Assign to Team or Team , simply select the Team name here to restrict visibility to that Team only. Remember people can be assigned to more than one Team if you need to share information. Here's an example of selecting a Team on a customer's record. This means that only Team 1 will be able to search for, view and create sales orders for this customer:

How to assign multiple contacts or orders to a team

You can assign multiple contacts, sales and purchase orders from the following places:

  • Customers > List all customers (Clients)
  • Suppliers > List all vendors (Suppliers)
  • Sales > Recent sales/quotes
  • Purchases > Recent purchase orders

Once the listing is displayed:

  1. Tick the checkbox next to any record to be assigned to the Team.
  2. From the -More actions- drop-down select Set Team.
  3. Select the Team name.
  4. Click the Update selected items button.

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