Claiming personal expenses

When you've incurred business expenses on behalf of your company using your own personal card, you can use Brightpearl to create a claim for the money back.

Creating a claim directly in Brightpearl means you can follow the progress of the claim from completion to payment. Images or files can be uploaded, allowing you to keep copies of receipts, and you can assign claims to a project. The system ensures the correct accounting is posted automatically.

Staff members must be assigned an account code in order to claim expenses. Learn more here.

Note: If a claim is assigned to a project, it will appear in the "Sales" list for that project.

Creating and submitting a new expense claim

  1. Hover your mouse over your username at the top of the screen and select Enter Expenses.
  2. Enter the date of the claim in the box on the left-hand side.
  3. Select the category of the first item on the claim, e.g. accommodation.
  4. Enter any relevant notes regarding the item.
  5. Enter the amount.
  6. (Optional) Upload a file, e.g. a scanned image of the receipt.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Continue to add items. All items added will all be included on the same claim number. Each item is listed in the "Expenses to be submitted" box on the right-hand side.
    If you've made a mistake, you can remove the expense by clicking the trash can icon on the right of the expense.
  9. (Optional) Assign the claim to a project.
  10. Once all the expenses have been entered, click the Submit claim button.

The submitted claim is added to the Open claims tab displayed below.


Note: If you have the "Bookkeeping" permission, your entered claim will automatically be approved and added to the Approved claims tab.

Reviewing and approving claims

Once a claim has been submitted, a staff member with the "Bookkeeping" permission can review them by going to Accounting > Expense claims. This report will show you a list of all expense claims for every staff member.

From here, you can choose whether to display:

  • All expense claims
  • Pending claims
  • Approved claims
  • Paid claims
  • Recharged claims

You can also use the filter to display expense claims submitted within a certain date range or by a specific staff member.

Approving or canceling claims

To approve or cancel a claim:

  1. Select the claim using the checkbox on the left-hand side
  2. Click "Approve" or "Cancel" to either approve the claim or cancel it

Approving a claim sets the claim status to "Approved", and posts accounting to record the expense and the liability owed to the staff member. It also becomes available for payment.

Canceling a claim sets the claim status to "Canceled". Canceled claims can be approved at a later date. Approved claims can also later be canceled as long as they haven't been paid, but the associated accounting will need to be manually canceled too.

You can click the trash can icon to delete a pending claim completely.

Learn more about managing expense claims here.

Paying expense claims

Staff members with the "Bookkeeping" permission can also mark expense claims as paid. To do so, go to Accounting > Expense claims.

  1. Click "Show filter" and select a single staff member, then click "Filter" to display the results. (You can also click on their name in the list to filter by that staff member.)
  2. Select the claim you wish to pay, and click "Pay..."

  3. On the popup, check the amount you wish to pay, select the bank account you're paying the employee from, and set the date of the payment along with an optional reference. Then click "Pay claims".

The expense claim's status will be updated to "Paid", and the appropriate accounting will be posted to record the payment.

Recharging an expense claim to a customer

Sometimes you may need to charge your expense back to a customer if it was incurred on their behalf. Brightpearl allows you to do so when submitting a new claim.

  1. Enter the expenses as normal
  2. Select the customer to charge the expense to
  3. Submit the claim.

If you have the "Bookkeeping" permission, a sales order will be created automatically with the details of the expense as the line item. If you don't, a staff member with the appropriate permissions can create that sale for you.

Creating a recharge

To create a recharge, go to Accounting > Expense claims. If a customer was assigned to the claim, their company name will be displayed in the "Recharge to" column. You will also see a link in the "Sale ref" column, inviting you to "Create invoice".


  1. Click "Create invoice" and click OK on the popup.
  2. You will be taken to a sales order assigned to the customer with the expense listed as a miscellaneous row:
  3. The expense claim will have its status updated to "Recharged" and the sales order number will now be listed in the "Sale ref" column:mceclip14.png
  4. Mark the expense as "Approved" and follow the processes for claims and sales as normal.


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