FAQs (Shopify)

Can I connect multiple Shopify accounts to Brightpearl?

Yes, each separate Shopify account which you use is integrated with Brightpearl as a separate sales channel, allowing you to set controls per store, as well as report on the sales separately.

Can I connect a foreign currency Shopify account to Brightpearl?

Yes you can, Brightpearl will then use the exchange rate provided by Shopify to display the order base currency total and post the invoice accounting.

Do I need to manually connect my products to Shopify?

No, as long as the SKUs match exactly in both systems then the products will be automatically connected upon the first order download or when an inventory change happens.

If I change my inventory levels in Shopify, will this update Brightpearl?

No, Brightpearl is the central inventory management system for all your integrated sales channels; which means that we control inventory updates for your Shopify account.

Can I use Bundles in Shopify?

No, Shopify does not support bundles or kits, but it is possible that you might add a simple product which contains multiple stock items. This simple product can be connected to a Brightpearl bundle which will allow you to sell and monitor the inventory levels for each individual item that is contained within the bundle. Take a look at our documentation  to see how this works.

Can fraudulent Shopify orders be detected in Brightpearl?

Yes, if an order is recognized as fraudulent in Shopify the order will download into Brightpearl and will be assigned the " fraudulent order status" selected within the ecommerce connector.

Do I need to setup two separate Brightpearl channels when using Shopify with Shopify POS?

No, you don't have to use two separate channels. However, an additional Shopify sales channel can be added in order to report on Shopify POS sales separately from online Shopify sales if you prefer.

What happens if I do not include all necessary customer details on Shopify POS orders for registered customers?

We will still download the order to Brightpearl for you; but the missing information will be pulled in from your Anonymous POS customer record.

Will Shopify Plus work with Brightpearl?

Yes, the integration with Brightpearl will work as usual when you are using Shopify Plus .

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