Product Management (Shopify)

Brightpearl will be your "master product list" so a product record is required for every product you sell whether it is available on all your sales channels or only some of them. This allows Brightpearl to be your central inventory and order management system; product details will need to be managed on both Brightpearl and Shopify.

Linking products

There is no need to manually connect products. The integration automatically works by matching SKUs across Shopify and Brightpearl. As long as your products exist in both Brightpearl and Shopify and have the same SKU Brightpearl will managed the inventory levels and allocate items to downloaded orders.

Adding new products

When you need to add new items to your Shopify store you have two options:

  • Add the products to Shopify then import to Brightpearl
    Using the “product download” feature Shopify products can be automatically created in Brightpearl.
    Products will not download if they do not have SKUs in Shopify.
    If a product is set to "not manage stock" on Shopify it will be imported as a non-stock tracked item in Brightpearl.
    All the imported products will be added to a category in Brightpearl called "Shopify products" if this category doesn't exist it will be created during the product import.
  • Add the products manually into both systems
    As long as they have the same SKU, inventory updates and order download work fine. There is no need to worry about linking items manually.


Both Brightpearl and Shopify support products with variants, such as size or color. When importing Shopify products the options and option values will also be created in Brightpearl. If the same options and option values already exist they will be re-used. Each variant is connected SKU-to-SKU.


Shopify does not support bundles, or kits, but you can create a simple product which is a combination of items. This can be connected to a Brightpearl bundle. The bundle will need to be created in Brightpearl and assigned the same SKU as the simple product in Shopify, it is not possible to create Brightpearl bundles using the product download.

Editing / deleting / disconnecting products

Product details are not synchronized between Brightpearl and Shopify so changes to product details need to be made on both systems.

Editing SKUs

If a product SKU is changed on either Shopify or Brightpearl so that they no longer match the connection will be lost. Inventory availability on Shopify will no longer be updated from Brightpearl and products will not be added and allocated to downloaded orders.


If a product is deleted in Shopify or in Brightpearl the connection is broken. If new products are created they will connect up SKU-to-SKU as normal.


Products will be disconnected as soon as the SKUs do not match.

Product customization

If you want to have products where the customer chooses to customize them on each order, perhaps an engraving or monogram, then you can add this feature to your Shopify store. Any customization will be downloaded into Brightpearl on each order, and will show on the order line only.

shopping product management

Collections, tags & categories

These details are not synchronized between Brightpearl and Shopify. This data varies greatly across all sales channels, each one providing different options and structures to give you the best opportunity to get your product to customers. This deserves the time to be managed directly in Shopify and cannot be driven from a hub system, like Brightpearl.

Inventory management

Item availability is managed by the on-hand inventory level of the Brightpearl product, for the warehouse(s) that is assigned to that Shopify store in Brightpearl.

The inventory level is synchronized only when the level changes.

Price management

Prices are not managed by Brightpearl. Prices need to be updated in Shopify and separately in Brightpearl.

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How to add a new product to Shopify

Product cannot be uploaded from Brightpearl to Shopify. You will need to create the product record directly within your Shopify account.

If the product already exists in Brightpearl, ensure the same SKU is used for the product in both systems.

If the product does not already exist in Brightpearl it can be downloaded by activating a product download from within your ecommerce connector. Alternatively, manually add the product directly within Brightpearl and ensure the same SKU is used on both Brightpearl and Shopify.

How to import Shopify products

Shopify products can be imported to Brightpearl, but not uploaded from Brightpearl to Shopify. Make the following checks before beginning the download:

  • Ensure SKUs exist and are unique
    Products cannot be downloaded if they do not have SKUs. They must be unique for each product. The download cross matches products by SKU and can only import each SKU once. Where multiple items share an SKU the download will fail.
  • Existing SKUs match across each system
    Before importing your products ensure that all any products that already exist in both Brightpearl and Shopify share the same SKU. The download checks for existing SKUs and will not download a product if it already exists. If your SKUs don't match across systems then duplicate product records will be created.

Note that no inventory levels are imported as part of the product download. You will need to update inventory levels in Brightpearl after downloading products.

Follow these steps to begin the download:

  1. Log into your ecommerce connector. This can be done from the  App Store , click the Setup  button for Shopify.
    import products
  2. Click the Actions drop-down for your Shopify store and select Import products .
  3. Review the Brightpearl settings which will be used for the download - sell and cost price lists, and tax rate. These can be changed from within Brightpearl:
    import products
  4. Select the download option:
    import products
  5. Check the box to confirm your products have unique SKUs.
  6. Click the Download Products buttom to begin the download.

All the imported products will be added to a category in Brightpearl called "Shopify products" if this category doesn't exist it will be created during the product import.

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