Project Status

Creating project statuses

Project statuses are used to track the progress of a project. You can design your own project statuses, for example:

  • Not started
  • Evaluation phase
  • In progress
  • Sign off due
  • Closed

You can use the project settings to define a default status for new and closed projects.

How to create a project status

  1. Go to  Settings > Projects > Project statuses .
  2. Click  Add a new Project Status .
  3. Enter a name for the status.
  4. Select a colour.
  5. Click  Save Status .
  6. The status is added to the list, use the arrows on the left to click and hold then drag the statuses into the preferred order.

Your status is now ready to use. The statuses will be displayed in drop-down menus in the order that they appear in the setup screen.

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