Purchase credits and returning items to a vendor

A purchase credit is a document issued by a vendor to indicate you are being given a refund or that you have credit which can be applied to future orders. They are usually given in relation to specific invoices issued by the vendor previously.

When a purchase credit is marked as "credited", it will reduce the account balance of your vendor.

A purchase credit can either take the form of an order, similar to a purchase order, listing items and their individual prices, or it can be an accounting transaction only, entered as a "vendor credit". Learn more about vendor credits here.

Creating purchase credits

A purchase credit can be created directly under Purchases > New purchase order, or via an import.

However, purchase credits will most commonly be cloned from an existing purchase order.

How to clone a purchase order to a purchase credit

  1. Search for and open the original purchase order containing the items to be refunded or returned.
  2. Select the lines that are being refunded or returned. Note that quantities can be edited directly on the credit later.
  3. Click the "Clone to purchase credit" button just above the line items:

A new purchase credit will be created which will be linked to the original parent purchase order:


Note: While the details of the selected items will appear on the purchase credit, this is for your reference only. The lines are not stock tracked and cannot be shipped out from the credit.

Returning items to a vendor

Once you've created your purchase credit you may need to send the goods back to your vendor.

It is not possible to ship inventory items against a purchase credit.

If you wish to send items back to your vendor, you will need to do a manual stock correction from the inventory detail report to indicate which items to send back.

This is because Brightpearl operates using FIFO accounting, but the items being returned may not necessarily be the oldest units on hand. Doing a manual stock correction allows you to choose the exact units related to the purchase order.


Please note the video was created before it was possible to clone details of stock tracked products to purchase credits.

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